Outdoor Home Theater 

Outdoor Home Theater


By: john Corrick 
Outdoor Home Theater Home Entertainment at its very Best 

Outdoor Parties, Sports Nights and Games– How to Get it Perfect  

Buying yourself an Outdoor Movies screen and having an outdoor home cinema may be the best investment in social lifestyle that you ever make.  There is something about having friends over that just feels good, and when it’s time spent outside that’s all the better. Whether it’s a small barbecue or a fun filled sports night, our backyards have become our new living rooms. When it comes to hosting the perfect outdoor party it may seem like it’s a gift that some people have and others don’t, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With a little preparation and a touch of imagination, anyone can host a party or a special event that will be remembered for a long time. It’s easier that you probably think. 

Now that the backyard is becoming more of a living space than ever before, why not utilise it for excellent backyard entertainment all summer long?   Entertainment is the key when planning an outdoor gathering. An outdoor home theatre transforms your backyard into a fantastic outdoor home entertainment area. If sports are the reason for your party then why risk messing up the inside of your home when the cheering and jumping that go hand in hand with any game are so much more suited for outside. No matter how big your TV is there really isn’t anything that can match the sheer thrill of watching football, soccer, tennis, cricket or car racing on a huge AirScreen (inflatable movie screen).  

Have you ever wanted a big screen indoor cinema to entertain friends but you just don't have the room or find it too expensive? Well who cares now because having an outdoor cinema is way more cool for entertaining than an indoor cinema could ever be and it is cost a lot less too! 

An Outdoor Cinema with home theatre projector and inflatable screen are the new must have ultimate level of home entertainment for family and friends or guest in your home.  An inflatable movie screen is the ideal choice for watching anything outdoors and keeping everything outdoors for groups of people that you want to entertain at home. Imagine having all your friends over to watch the Grand Final, the Melbourne Cup or a movie on the big screen in your own backyard. Everything shown is larger than life the same as in the cinema, it gives that magic touch to any sports night, special party, movie night, games night or just general fun for your family all summer long.

How about a cinema under the stars?  Movies always look better on the big screen. You could have your very own drive in theater without the hassle of all the cars. The latest big budget blockbuster movie would be even better under the night sky with your friends and family. A romantic movie date night on a beach for all the couples you know would beat a noisy night in a crowded club or bar. An inflatable movie screen could be just the ticket. 

Use your imagination! Our outdoor cinema systems and Air Screens (Inflatable outdoor movie screens) are transportable and can be used at home, camping or on sports ovals, on the beach or in a field. Inflatable Screens can be used for almost any purpose such as movie nights, games, birthday parties, sports nights, or entertainment when you are camping.  Any content that you can see on a TV you can show on a giant inflatable movie screen. It might be a latest release movies, the premier of your favourite TV soapie, the Grand Final broadcast, family photos, even playing a video game would be amazing on a big screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large group, with a little planning and the right entertainment you can easily turn your next party into a special event.

Are you planning a special event such as even a wedding, or 21st Birthday, Anniversary party then you should really consider  a big outdoor movie for the perfect entertainment without messing up the house!