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Business Opportunity for Open Air Cinema
Lifestyle Business Opportunity to operate Open Air Cinema, Outdoor Cinema and outdoor Home Theater

The Business Opportunity



Business Opportunity for Open Air CinemaPerhaps you may be interested or know someone who is interested in getting into a great lifestyle business opportunity with a great income, lots of free time, great social environments and very fast return on investment. There are not many business opportunities that ever come available with these benefits and attributes and there is only one possible opportunity in your area, so don’t miss it! In some areas is already too late.


We are now currently looking for to grant more licenses for outdoor cinema operators to do outdoor movies, sports and other big screen events in many cities and regional areas of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, USA, Canada and UK. Get your own “Licensed Territory” before all counties, states, cities, towns and areas are licensed to others. Join us now as we all grow and share an international network of Outdoor Cinema.


There are not many self employment opportunities that can compare to the operating an Outdoor or Open Air Cinema. Here are some of the advantages and benefits we are providing to help you start your own home outdoor cinema business;


1)  You could easily get into this is a great, exciting niche lifestyle business which has very little competition and is very easy to establish. This is your business! Your Own Outdoor Movie Business piggy backing on the Ezehire International brand National Brand with out proven knowledge, Marketing and Support. You do not require any staff with our Home Outdoor Cinema business opportunity because it only needs one person to setup and operate everything on our 3, 4 and 5m screens. Having said that, this is such an enjoyable lifestyle business with fantastic social activity, some people prefer to work as husband and wife teams just for the social side alone which is part of the lifestyle benefits! 


2)   You can Choose to

a)  Keep your business small  by owning just one screen and working only 2 nights per week. Even with our smallest screen you will earn the equivalent of an executive income. Not a lot of work for such a great income.

       An advantage of keeping your business small with only one screen means that pretty much all of your days and most

      nights are free  time – another part of the lifestyle benefits! You can choose to only work a couple of nights each week at 

       showing outdoor movies, sporting  broadcasts for football and sports nights, or showing photos and videos for

     weddings ,   games, promotional events, parties, birthdays and other functions.


b)  Grow your business  with multiple screens and working harder. Your lifestyle– your choice. Each gig is usually for a single movie requiring you to work only 6 hours or less on each gig night (depending upon the location).


3)   The Outdoor Cinema business is suitable for hire businesses, sole operators, husband and wife teams or family and friend partnerships running multiple screens.


4)   Easy to do!  We make it all easy to operate with simple Plug-n-Play operation and no experience necessary to start.


5)   There is very little startup capital required compared to almost any other kind of business.


6)   Apart from the normal printing or marketing expenses, there are no additional overheads required to operate this business.


7)   You can work totally from home without incurring any additional overheads for office expenses additional phones or electricity etc.


8)  No need to buy a franchise to get into it or get the help you need. We will help you in establishing your business and your marketing with;

a)   Business advice and establishing your intellectual property 

b)  Designing and optimising a web page  for you and publishing it on our long established website site for you with booking forms going directly to you. This will give you Instant marketing advertising exposure to your own niche outdoor home cinema market.

c)   Help you with all the required intellectual property for your business including marketing material, booking forms, web page, invoices and artwork.

d)   Help you with all the business know-how you need.

e)   We can even give you help and training to run the events if you want us to.


9)   Get the benefits of being able to claim part of your existing household expenses as a tax deduction. As a home business you should be able to claim part of you home, your motor vehicle, your computer equipment and you existing telephones rental, electricity, office furniture as a tax deduction. You will also be able to claim fuel, coffee, milk, biscuits and other business expenses.


10)  If you like to travel a little, there is also a lot of business for outdoor cinemas in country and regional areas, which do exceptionally well as people will travel for many miles for entertainment.


Choice of business opportunities

A.   Buy a great Outdoor Home Cinema Go here. 

B.   for your club’s fundraising or for your own fun and use. Go here

C.    Buy an Outdoor Home Cinema to start your own business on your own. Go here.

D.   Get your own licensed area from EzeHire.  As part of our Established National Branding with help to build Your Own Outdoor Movie Business in your licence area and you get:-    

i)     A License to use our Established National Branding for your Outdoor Movie Business. In doing so you become part of a proven National Brand with your own Protected Territory where you will have NO COMPETITION!  

ii)   All the help you need to grow your business and  get Customer Leads! We may even be able to give you bookings before you launch. You will have a great local business as part of our National and International System with the Ezehire support network.

iii)  We will build you your own web page and fully optimise it as part of our established national pr international websites. 

iv)  An email account for yourbusinessarea@ezehire.com.au  or yourbusinescountry@Ezehire.com   

v)     We will provide support marketing to get page 1 of Google for your area, plus we will optimise for Yahoo & all other major search engines as well. In fact, we will GUARANTEE you top placement on  Page 1 of Google for your area within the first 1 month (and most probably Number 1 on Page 1) to guarantee you customer leads. 

vi)   Get unlimited Customer Leads in your protected area directly from your own page on our website. 

vii)  We will provide artwork and first initial marketing to schools, charities councils, churches, show societies in your area.  

viii)   We will provide the Sales and Marketing Templates for your business. These include but are not limed to electronic marketing templates, fax marketing templates, invoices, quotes, marketing materials and fundraising guide to promote to homes, schools, charities, councils, Agricultural Societies and more plus all the other Business Intellectual Property you will need to grow your business.  

ix)   We will provide a business plan template for you to plan your business. 

x)   We will provide business education necessary to launch and manage your new outdoor movie business.


As an optional extra you also have the option to ask for a 3 day onsite training and education program where we will teach you the best techniques to operate the business and equipment and help you to launch, organise, promote and facilitate your own outdoor movie business.


Remember this is not a franchise - It's YOUR business which we help you grow. Get your PROTECTED territory before your area is licensed to someone else. 


Opportunities are limited, so if you are interested don’t delay! Find out now if we have an Outdoor Cinema Opportunity available for you by using the form below or emailing directly to jc@ezehire.com.au



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