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Manufacturers and Suppliers of AirScreens and Outdoor Movies Systems
For Commercial Open Air Cinema and Home Theatre Entertainment



We manufacture and sell Commercial Air Screens and Outdoor Movies Systems for Open Air Cinema in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Pacific Island Nations, UK, USA, Canada, & Commonwealth Countries.

We have 3 types of Inflatable Air Screens:-

Standard AirScreens
Standard AirScreens

Self-Standing AirScreens
Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens

Sealed Self-Standing AirScreen

Sealed AirSscrens 


Outdoor Movies Systems

Our Outdoor Movies Systems are a complete cinema system designed for simple Plug-n-Play operation with everything you need to run your an outdoor cinema or Outdoor Movies Business.

We have 3 types of Outdoor Movies Systems:-

Home Theater system
AirScreens | Home Theater 

Outdoor Movie System Pro

  Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens

Outdoor Movies System Elite  

AirScreens | Outdoor Movies System


Open Air Cinema Packages

Commercial Open Air Cinema AirScreens & Outdoor Movies System Packages for Hire Companies, Government and Outdoor Cinema use.


Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens

Outdoor Home Theater 

Turn your backyard into a fantastic outdoor living and entertainment area.

Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens


Which type of AirScreen is right for you?

Constant Air Screen - The constant air system is used for both Standard Air Screens and Self-StandingAir Screens. A continuous air supply is delivered by air blowers which run continuously and relatively quietly. These screens inflate in just minutes and can be used on most surfaces and terrains. 

The standard Inflatable AirScreen is the type of inflatable movie screen most commonly in use. Larger standard AirScreens of 6m and above require more people to set them up than the self standing screens, especially in windy conditions. These are the big screens you most commonly see at commercial open air cinemas.

The Self-Standing AirScreen is easier to handle because it does not require people or crew to pull it into the air as it will stand itself into the air during the inflation process. Setup is much easier, faster and requires less crew for larger AirScreens. They are much easier to handle in windy conditions. Although these screens are more expensive to purchase, these are important considerations , particularly for commercial operation because less crew for setup and pack down is a huge cost saving overtime.

 Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens
Sealed Air Screen - The sealed air system is only used for Sealed Self-Standing AirScreens. These AirScreens are Self-Standing, air tight, water tight and there is no noise from blowers because these screens are inflated with reversible pumps. Once inflated, the pumps are removed and the air valves are sealed, the screen is air tight and watertight and will remain inflated without the requirement for blowers to be running. These AirScreens are extra heavy duty inflatable movie screens that are by far the most versatile of all inflatable movie screens having additional advantages over all other screens because:-

  • Our Sealed AirScreens have the additional versatility of being rigged for silent running because there is no blower noise.
  • They are totally water proof and can be used anywhere in back yards in fields, football ovals, stadiums, tennis courts, beaches, community halls, indoors or outdoors. 
  • Where space is a problem, Sealed AirScreens can be also be floated on water in home swimming pools or public pools for dive-in movies and parties because they are sealed and designed to float like a rubber raft. This means that they can be used for events in many places that other screens cannot. 
  • They are also highly suitable for indoor use as well because they do not have blowers running and run totally silent.
  • They are more economical to run because they do not use electricity to stay inflated. 
  • They are made from very extremely tough, durable material the same as used in commercial rubber rafts.

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The Engineering behind our AirScreens

Air Screens | Outdoor Movies | Inflatable Movie Screens

As an air structure an AirScreen must be properly engineered for strength and durability with consideration for air pressure, variable climate conditions, wind and weather. We designed our AirScreens and Outdoor Movies Systems  to meet the tough extremes of the Australian climate and the needs and requirements of the Hire industry in Australia.

Australia is a rugged country, a land of extremes for hot and cold temperatures, strong winds and harsh terrains. Hire Companies in Australia need to have confidence that inflatable screens are engineered to withstand those windy hot and harsh conditions. Our AirScreens were specially designed to cope with these extremes and suitable for any climate and we believe will ling outlast and outperform other inflatable movie screens.

Our AirScreens are built for increased life span and to perform better than other screens. We back this up with a 2 year manufacturers warranty on all screens.

Quality engineering, careful selection of the best, durable materials for use in the manufacture has resulted in several different attributes or points of difference for our AirScreen as follows.

Airframe Materials - The material used in the structure of our airframe is up to double the thickness of many other Inflatable Movie Screens. This is important for durability and maintaining rigid structure in windy conditions. This extra heavy duty material is essential for our sealed screens to maintain an airtight structure. This extra strength and the aerodynamic performance makes our Air Screens much more durable with a greatly increased lifespan to outlast most other inflatable screens.

Interchangeable Screen Surfaces - Our AirScreens are designed for interchangeable screen surfaces to easily change the setup from a front projection screen to a rear projection screen surface depending on the event requirements.
Front Projection Screen surface is made from the highest quality material designed to enhance the quality of the projected images. It is heavy duty and stain resistant.
Rear Projection Screen surface is made from hi-tech heavy duty state of the art rear projection material with a built in gain factor of 1.5 to 1. This magnifies the brightness of the projector light projected onto the screen by one and a half times to give a much brighter picture. It is also heavy duty and stain resistant.
Better Aerodynamics - Our AirScreens have better aerodynamics:- 
  • Strengthen Airframe by increased diameter of the airframe supports  to make a stronger airframe which is more wind resistant and durable. 
  • The airframe is larger in proportion to the viewing screen size than other inflatable screens to make a gap between the screens and the airframe to increase the aerodynamics by allowing the wind to pass through between the viewing screen and the airframe. 
  • Bungy Anchor Mechanism - We have anchored the viewing screen inside the airframe using bungy mechanisms to provide a gap between the viewing screen and the airframe. This lowers the air pressure on the screen and provides flexibility to the wind pressure with a trampoline type effect to wind gusts. 
Reduced Stress from wind pressure - Our AirScreens have been carefully designed to reduce wind stress on the airframe, the viewing screen and the anchor points. .
Increased Wind Rating - Our AirScreens have a decisive wind rating advantage. The bungy mechanism, increased airframe size and the gap between the airframe and viewing screen all work together to significantly increase the aerodynamics and counteract wind pressure on the AirScreen giving higher wind rating than other inflatable movie screens.
No Screen Wrinkling - The bungy mechanisms keep the screen taught within the frame to stop wrinkling of the viewing screen.
Stainless steel D-rings are added as anchor point for the tethers and reinforced into the airframe
All Eyelets used to attach the viewing screens to the airframe are heavy duty stainless steel to avoid any corrosion or rust.

Cube Screen Daytime Projection Screens

Cube AirScreens are high tech screens used for projection in daylight but they can also be used at night. Daylight projection requires a very high end projector of 10,000 ansi and above. When used at night a standard projector od 3-4000 ansi projector is sufficient. They are an affordable alternative to LED screens and cost about 1/3 of the price. Projection is from the inside of the

Note: Our Road cases are highly recommended to protect your screen from accident and mishandling.

Our Custom Designed Mobile Road Case for your AirScreen
We have specially designed this road case for;
  • AirScreens | Road caseEasier setup and pack down - We have designed the road case with a hinged ramp which opens to allow the screen to be rolled in and out of the road case for easy handling and fast and efficient setup. 
    • Before the show, move the AirScreen in the case to final position where it is to be inflated on-site, and once in position simply lower the front ramp on the case and roll out the AirScreen to inflate in position without having to carry or move the screen. 
    • After the show, just simply deflate and roll straight back into the case. 
  • Extending the life of your Air Screens by providing easy mobility and protecting the screen form accidents and mishandling or dragging by staff. 
  • Reducing labour and crew costs - less people are required to handle the air screen and therefore less staff and operating cost for commercial operation. The mobility of the road case makes it much easier than having to carry a large AirScreen
  • Easy and efficient storage and handling 
  • Additional Storage compartment for pumps, tethers and tools 

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